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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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45 students and staff in the cafeteria and then eventually closed the school for the day. one child was treated and transported to the hospital but is expected to be ok. school officials say a stove in the kitchen was the culprit and are working to fix it by tomorrow but to be sure they will check that same setup in other city schools. >> we do know this type of equipment is in about 35 schools and we are going to look at that equipment, see how it's vented to the outside and make sure there's no leakage of carbon monoxide in those schools also. >> reporter: currently not all city schools equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. officials say in light of the past week they are looking into installing them in every city school. brian kuebler, abc2 news. new tonight -- a united airlines flight heading to baltimore from los angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in colorado after reports of smoke on the plane. flight 306 was originally
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scheduled to land at bwi marshall at 4:35 this afternoon. but it's now expected to arrive about 8:15. there are no reports of injuries or any information about what caused that smoke. also new tonight, charges may be dropped against a suspected prostitute in harford county. after investigators learned she may be a sex slave. last week an undercover police officer answered a craigslist ad which led him to the motel in aberdeen where a woman offered sexual favors for $160 an hour. the officer arrested the 46-year-old but later learned she may have come here illegally in promise of a food service job. in the absence of chinese translators, the case was transferred to the federal human trafficking task force. >> the defendant has limited command of the english language. spoke chinese. we were not sure what specific dialect of chinese she spoke.
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>> the motel manager reported seeing three different men entering the room on the hour before the officer showed up and arrested lee. the feds also confiscated her telephone which featured chinese system polls in hopes of -- symbols in hopes of tracking down her pimp. baltimore county police need your help tracking down a driver that struck and killed a man over the weekend. police say 29-year-old jason cheslick walked between two parked cars in overlae and was hit by two parked cars. the driver didn't stop and he died at the hospital. police are looking for a 2004 to a 2008 nord econo -- ford econoline. it may have damage to the front end and left headlight areas. if you have number, call the baltimore county police.
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right now talking on your cell phone while driving is a secondary offense. that means you have to be stopped for something else. if you do something else wrong. but now some lawmakers in annapolis want to change that. so that if you're talking while driving you will get stopped on that as a primary offense. abc2 news don harrison put down his cell phone for this report. >> reporter: nearly 80% of crashes come from some form of driver distraction. that is according to the national highway traffic safety administration. and the insurance institution for highway safety claims cell phone users are four times more likely to crash than nondistracted drivers. a virginia tech study found texting while driving puts people at even greater risk of injury, over 20 times greater. all the reasons why delegate malone is sponsoring a bill. >> it's a dangerous practice. right now i don't think it's very effective to be able to just make it a secondary
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offense. to actually enforce that. >> reporter: some legislators aren't sold on the idea just yet. >> this law was just passed last year. they didn't present data that indicates it's not working, nothing that suggests that the law as currently written is not being utilized properly. >> reporter: the bill would make it illegal to use a cell phone or text on any portion of the road. now you can text at a stop sign or light. now it's illegal to write a text while driving but state police who support the proposal want to make it illegal to read texts while driving. >> you are taking your focus from the roadway to think about what you're reading and then you're formulating a response, so cognitive thinking is out the window. >> reporter: the committee still has to vote on this matter. if maryland does enact this into law it will join four other states and the district of columbia. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> one of the bills would prohibit any teen 18 and under
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in the car from using a cell phone at all. the chesapeake bay foundation is concerned the new house budget will make some devastating cuts to a clean water program. the foundation says the budget would cut funding by 20% from the chesapeake bay program. now it says president obama's proposal which calls for a 35% increase in the budget honors a federal commitment to achieve pollution reduction goals. the foundation is urging the senate to reject the house proposal and support funding the president's budget. your comments and complaints just continue to pour into our newsroom after a local locksmith is accused of overcharging customers. joce sterman has more. he has been hit with court orders to stop jacking his prices but seems he won't stop. joce sterman is in the interactive news center. >> reporter: we're working
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for you. we keep hearing from horton's customers with phone calls and e-mails. we created a special page on our web site that covers everything you need to know about joe horton and locksmiths in general. is a page we've created. we've gotten three stories since april about this guy and his business. we basically set up a timeline. click on the story, pop it up, watch the video, read the script and you'll get up to date on what has happened. also, as part of this investigation we've done confrontation was joe horton, asked him face-to-face questions directly to see his responses. for you we put the raw video from the meetings on-line so you can check for yourself. and hear what you think of his responses. if you think you've been ripped off we have resources on the page. go to the top, how to file a complaint with the attorney general. send it from our page. in addition we want to make sure you don't become a victim of a shady locksmith? the future. we've given you advice for choosing the right locksmith.
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the better business bureau here, five minutes' worth of advice on choosing a reputable locksmith. how do do it before you -- how to do it before you ever need one. it's on joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thank you. tonight the developer of the slots casino near arundel mills mall is suing the maryland jockey club among others for $600 million for defamation. the company accuses the maryland jockey club and penn national gaming of portraying cordish as unfit and incompetent gaming operators. the jockey club fired back. saying this is just another attempt to restrain first amendment freedom of supreme relating to a constitutional protected referendum. still breezy across baltimore and maryland but not the kind of winds we saw yesterday. so much sunshine it made the chilly 40s feel a little
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warmer. look first at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can see we're all clear. a little ground clutter on the eastern shore. sometimes we put the radars in sensitive mode, you can pick up things like flocks of birds out there. take a look at the cloud cover, high, thin mid-level clouds. no rain with the clouds, we're dry the rest of the evening here. temperaturewise, mid-40s to low 40s. so this was a solid went to, 22 degrees cooler than yesterday but a new warm is in sight. we have more in a few minutes. today was warmer than most days but it's a sad day because in the sunshine we said goodbye to a friend. ernie tyler. jamie costello with the burial of the baltimore baseball legend. >> reporter: he never hit 300, never fielded a grounder in a hole or got the last three outs in the ninth but he will go down with the likes of brooks, palmer. all-time great orioles.
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we walk down the ramp, we always look for the green grass and look for number 8, then ernie on the school behind the plate -- stool behind the plate. 48 years, never missed a game, until he was called to cooperstown by cal. he was now called to a higher place. family and friends and ernie had -- memorial stadium would shake down the line. or when the curtain came down to beat lou gehrig. >> maybe we should rename camden yards to ernie tyler stadium. because,y represented -- ernie represented everything, every family in the city of baltimore should want to stand for. >> at the end of mass, 11 children, 27 grandchildren, six great grandchildren and all the
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rest of us. following the casket to the final resting place. he was married to julieian for 66 years. his sons were pallbearers. this was a sad moment. ernie, a great friend. rex is waiting for you, ready to say thank and welcome to heaven's club. jamie costello, abc2 news. crews called to the scene of a hazmat situation and find a dead body in a bag. we'll look more into the case that took a suspicious turn. a woman collides with a truck on an icy road. what may have saved her life. and are you looking for a smartphone with a long shelf life? before dishing out hundreds of dollars on a new one outdated in six to nine months we have a shocking report that you can't afford to miss.
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let's check the news around the nation. police in south florida are still trying to unravel a mystery involving hazardous materials and a dead body. a man and boy were taken to the hospital yesterday after they were found inside a truck along i-95 and west palm beach. police say a strong odor was coming out of the vehicle. the man unconscious and the child disoriented. >> i couldn't imagine, you know, him having him in the cab. >> reporter: four firefighters and hazmat worker were overcome by the fumes coming out of the vehicle. they were treated at the scene and they are expected to be ok. this next story is a driver's worst nightmare. a woman was driving over an icy bridge when a driver sideswiped
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her knocking her car into the guardrail. she opened her door only to see another truck barreling right toward her. she jumped four stories into the icy water. as she fell she heard a truck smash into her car followed by a series of crashes as more cars piled up. she hit the water so hard she actually broke her back. in immense pain. then able to swim from 100 yards to shore. >> it was not until yesterday that i realized the only person that needed hear me was god. and he helped me. and he was there. he was the one that got me to the shore. >> it took nearly an hour once on shore for rescuers to found her. looking at what is left of her car she says the jump saved her life and credits her quick thinking to watching tv. she and her boyfriend are big fans of the show "man versus wild." take a look at this scene from rhode island.
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police say an elderly driver went over a guardrail and down a embankment. it took rescuers an hour to get down to the car and pull the 71-year-old woman out. despite the fall, she only had a broken arm. jared loughner, a week before the shooting spree, there were e-mails. police had received them. in early january loughner killed six people and hurt 13 including congresswoman gabrielle giffords, according to police. she was forced out of pima community college last fall after school officials said he was acting bizarre in class. sometimes it doesn't pay to be a hero, ask four former walmart employees north of the salt lake city area. they are looking for jobs after ripping a gun away from a shoplifter. the owner of the wal-mart says
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the employees can use reasonable force but must back off if the gun comes out. the fired employees say they had no other option. the suspect had the gun in back of one of them. the former employees say they are considering their legal options. mother nature put on quite a show in washington. strong winds and heavy rains pounded the western part of the state yesterday knocking down trees and power lines. check out this video. you can see a huge tree fell on a house and car. and at more than one point more than 50,000 folks were in the dark without power. nice-looking day today but it was breezy and temperatures about 20 to 25 degrees colder. look at our downtown baltimore harbor cam. nice-looking day on the harbor here. temperature-wise, 42 now, winds northwest at 10. barometer 30.39, holding steady. some of our weathernet sites across the state, you just
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can't find a cloud in the sky out there. i mean, yeah, a little breezy but boy, that sunshine is nice in february, isn't it? especially these later sunsets we're getting now. daylight through at least 6:00. annapolis, a little chop on the mighty severn river but on the whole a great-looking day at the naval academy. and dc, the national airport looking over the monuments. finding gorgeous weather in the capitol today as well. just very high thin clouds. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we're all clear. we don't expect to see much of a change for days to come. like maybe early next week or next chance of rain here and looks like probably rain. 32 baltimore. 33 dulles. ocean city 43. slightly cooler air across york, philly through atlantic city. high temperatures today, this was the big change from yesterday, one of them. number one, we didn't have the powerful winds. secondly, temperature were on the order of 20 degrees cooler or so. some places about 25 degrees cooler. tomorrow, we begin a new warm-up though. neighborhood by neighborhood
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here, mount vernon 54 degrees. federal hill maybe 56. plenty of sunshine around. some passing high thin clouds but really nothing to complain about. our overall trend here has been quiet. some clouds drifting across ohio, central west virginia and western pennsylvania but no rain associated with these. these are fair-weather clouds. overall the entire weather pattern has just changed dramatically over the course of a week. we're now with a zonal flow, tends to not lend itself to arctic blasts or heavy storm systems. we keep that system around another week to two weeks. we have pacific air from the west. that's what happens when the air moves straight across the country. this is not out of canada or arctic but did cool us down pretty sharply today, in the 40s. but still feels kind of refreshing. our futurecaster, at times passing clouds tonight and tomorrow. maybe a spritz of rain towards far western maryland like garrett county, back up in the
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southwestern corner of the state of pennsylvania but none of that for us i don't think. that will be very minimal even in that direction. so you're looking good i think even if you're headed to cumberland or deep creek lake, should just maybe see increased cloud cover in western maryland tomorrow and the next day. 25, mostly clear, winds calm tonight. so that will be even better. tomorrow, 2-degree guarantee of 53. might bump it up to 54. i was looking at fresh data. looks like a mild couple of days here. 35 tomorrow night. the trend here, again, bumping us well into the 60s we think as we move forward into thursday. we'll probably talk mid to upper 60s friday. there will be people and places that hit 70 friday. it's going to happen. we'll have much more on that in the next couple minutes. also, want to talk about that chance of rain monday and tuesday. more on that coming up, too. >> i'll take rain and 40 degrees over snow any day. >> a little pattern going. >> don't snap it. >> keep it going. >> all right.
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>> maintain it. >> thank you. new at 11:00 tonight -- we're still working for you. in our maryland cold cases series. tonight the story of nancy pucci. she and her husband had just put their home on the market when the unthinkable happened. a killer preyed on her vulnerability. we'll talk to the case's original detective. >> it's always frustrating. i don't think anybody who is passionate about what they do ever really forgets about these things. >> abc2 news jeff hager has the story of nancy pucci and why her case remains unsolved. that is tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. scientists linking fast food to obesity. is putting nutritional information up for everyone to see working? and still ahead at 5:00 tonight
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in tonight's "health alert" -- even more reason to fill up on fiber. a new study shows a diet high in fiber, particularly from whole grains, may actually reduce your risk of death caused by heart and respiratory diseases. the findings are published on-line in the archives of internal medicine. it also shows that the most effective type of fiber comes from grains. other sources of fiber too like fruits and vegetables. fast food has been directly connected to higher obesity rates in young children and young adults. the new health care law
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requires big fast food chains to disclose how many calories their foods have. tonight, a look at whether the rule applies to young people and if it's doing any good or not. here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: researchers surveyed the menu selections of 349 children and adolescents who ate at fast food restaurants both before and after they listed the calorie content of the products. the young people in this study came from low-income communities in new york and newark, new jersey. and ranged in age from one to 17. the restaurants included four of the largest chains, mcdonald's, burger king, wendy's and kfc. the results published in the "internal journal of obesity" are discouraging to those who hope calorie labeling will help stem the tide of childhood obesity. the authors say the labels had no effect on the number of high-calorie meals the kids selected. while many of the adolescents
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noticed the calorie listings only 9% said they considered the information when ordering. the authors note that adolescents in the survey reported that parents had some influence on their food selection. suggests some guidance from mom and dad could help them make healthier choices. with this "medical minute" i'm dr. timothy johnson. a power move for sports apparently company underarmor. they opened their innovation center today. look at some of the high-tech stuff inside. if you're looking for a job, a local company is looking for workers. where you can send an application. we'll be right back. yep. great selection. no hidden fees. and a five-day money-back guarantee.
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